Kevs Rifts & Tropicals

Kevs Rifts & Tropicals are based in Upton a ex-mining village in West Yorkshire, established by Kev, moulded through a life long passion for the hobby.

Kevs Rifts & Tropicals now consists of 170 tanks. We specialise in Malawi cichlids, Tanganyikan cichlids. We  are also expanding into the community ornamental Tropical fish.  Kev is a traditionalist in his approach to fish and fish keeping. He likes to keep his fish natural. Does not believe in the use of hormones to falsely colour fish just to make sales. This as meant Kev searching for ethical and enviromental breeders around the world. This sometimes means slightly higher prices but quality and health of the fish more than makes up for that. Kevs rifts & Tropicals probably have the largest selection of Lake Malawi mbuna cichlids in the country. Along with a good selection of Alunocara, Haplochromis.  The Tanganyikan section is constantly growing with demand. Our recent addition of ornamental community Tropicals is impressive. Having a range of Angel fish, Platy, guppy, sword Tails, danios, Barbs, Gourami  Mollies and dwarf cichlids.

As one of the UKs largest specialist importers of African Cichlids we now source fish from across Lake Malawi and Tanganyika direct to our door. We also work very closely with who we regard to be the best breeders in Europe, this partnership gives us access to a huge diverse range of species to supply to you our customers.

To give our customers the best service and advice we recommend you book an appointment and come and visit the fish house and experience the fish in the tanks and the huge variations available. For those who are unable to view the stock in person we do offer a overnight courier service.