Our Fish

We bring to you the very best quality African Cichlids available. We have the largest selection of stock in the UK. From Wild Mbuna to show quality Haplochromis and Peacocks… we have it all 

“Great place for malawi and great customer care, very knowledgeable and would recommend any one to visit!”

Trev Richardson

Wild Fish

We import fish from across Lake Malawi. Fish will be available at various times of the year from Malawi, Tanzania and Mozambique

F1 & Tank Bred fish

We work with the best breeders across the world, regular imports ensure that the fish house constantly has the very best quality and selection available. To supplement this we also breed our own selection of fish and offer these fish at very reasonable prices. 

Our Fish house

We encourage people to book appointments and come and experience the fish house with their own eyes. Come and see the fish first hand and see the quality and selection for yourself. 

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Our Fish Selection

The best way to experience our wide selection of fish is to visit the fish house. 

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